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Protagonist (female)- Candidate (02/20)

Mash Kyrelight (Shielder)- Chaldeas (03/20)

Dr. Romani Akiman- Chaldea (00/20)

Artoria Pendragon- Chivalry (04/20)

Artoria Pendragon Alter- Corrupted (00/20)

Artoria Pendragon Lily- Arthur (01/20)

Arthur Pendragon- Knights (01/20)

Nero Claudius Augustus Germanicus- Haught (00/20)

Cu Chulainn- Gae Bolg (07/20)


Diarmuid Ua Duibhne- Gae Dearg (01/20)

Cu Chulainn (Prototype)- Ulster (00/20)

Scathach- Dun Scaith (01/20)

Karna- Vasavi (02/20)

Elizabeth Bathory- Kilenc (02/20)


EMIYA- Unlimited (08/20)

Gilgamesh- Babylon (10/20)

Robin Hood- Yew Bow (01/20)

Gilgamesh (Prototype)- Heroes (01/20)


Medusa- Cybelle (01/20)

Iskandar- Conqueror (06/20)

Ramesses II- Tentyris (04/20)

Medea- Temple (03/20)

Gilles De Rais- Prelati (07/20)

Tamamo no Mae- Witchcraft (00/20)

Cu Chulainn- Ansuz (03/20)

Sasaki Kojiro- Respect (01/20)

Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde- Classes (02/20)

Lancelot- Glory (10/20)


Jeanne D'Arc- Pucelle (01/20)

Amakusa Shirou Tokisada- Baptism Rite (05/20)


Fate/Extra Characters- Moon Cell (03/20)

Fate/Apocrypha Servants- Millenia (03/20)

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"I hate managing box splits they're such a pain" I say as I write up another box split post. But like I'm gonna pass on a chance for fucking TYTREE MERCH? What the fucking christ how is this happening.

I'm gonna charge $10 per keychain and that is INCLUDING SHIPPING COST cause they're small so I'll just mail them in envelopes. Just comment here to claim and when it gets closer to their arrival date I'll screen the post and ask for mailing addresses!

IF A CHARACTER YOU WANT IS ALREADY CLAIMED, I'LL TAKE BACKUP CLAIMS. If someone backs out or if I get enough claims to warrant buying a second copy of the box I will let you know.


Sorey- Dany (Ki, Seth)
Shing/Kor- Kyo (Tango)
Senel- Sylvie (Gaa)
Zelos- Mal
Tytree- Caitie
Hisui- Taisa
Magilou- Sammy


Asbel- Kyo (Quetz)
Veigue- Em
Estelle- Seth (Mal, Caprica)
Edna- Sammy (Vil)
Karol- Tara (Taisa)
Shirley- Sylvie (Gaa)
Zaveid- Caitie


Meebo- Ki (Vil)
Yuri- Dany (Tara)
Richard- Ai (Tango)
Luke- Gaa (Mal)
Raven- Caitie (Laena)
Lloyd- Lila (Seth)
Rokurou- Laena (Caitie)

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Edna/Alisha/Mikleo: $7 each, $12 for two
Others: $8 each, $14 for two
(International shipping might add on a bit extra, otherwise shipping is included!)

Please comment here with which one you want (for Edna/Alisha/Mikleo specify if you want the basic/regular pose) and when I confirm it's available you can give me your details :)

- Edna (basic)     Edna (battle)
- Alisha (basic)     Alisha (battle)
- Mikelo (basic)     Mikleo (battle)
- Dezel
- Sorey
- Lailah
- Zaveid
- Rose
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0 stars

Hisui: What is with this guy? Guess we need his Soma, though.

1 star
Shing: He'll have to stop shouting and start listening someday.
Hisui: If you ever lay a finger on my sis, so help me, I'll-

2 stars
Shing: I think I might be winning him over a little.
Hisui: Kid's tougher'n he looks. But I still can't stand the guy.

3 stars
Shing: Things are good between us lately. Long may it continue!
Hisui: You ain't bad. Well, you ain't awful, at least.

4 stars
Shing: I don't try to make friends- I make 'em! And they stay made!
Hisui: Guess we might have a use for this kid after all.

5 stars
Shing: I think he's finally starting to see me for the man I am!
Hisui: I ain't sayin' I don't not hate you. But I do. I think.

6 stars
Shing: Feels like we're making more progress every day lately.
Hisui: Eurgh! Just looking at you makes me wanna puke!

7 stars
Shing: You know, I'm a better person because of you, Hisui! Thanks!
Hisui: For a know-nothing farm boy, you're okay.

0 stars
Shing: It's good to have you along, but, ah, who are you?
Gall: I'm counting on you to show me some progress, kid. And fast.

1 star
Shing: His Soma looks sorta like Gramps'. Sorta.
Gall: Why don't you show me what you can really do with that Soma?

2 stars
Shing: I need to ge stronger! Much, much stronger!
Gall: Training hard enough for you? I can always make it harder.

3 stars
Shing: I think I'm starting to get this whole Soma thing!
Gall: Seems you're finally catching on. This'll be interesting.

4 stars
Shing: This is what you mean by Soma control, right, Gall?
Gall: Not bad. You're beginning to show some real potential.

5 stars
Shing: I need to get even better! I'll do whatever it takes!
Gall: You think you know hard work? You ain't seen nothing yet!

6 stars
Shing: Gall's training may be tough, but he won't grind me down!
Gall: You're really starting to get into the swing of things!

0 stars
Shing: A paintbrush for a Soma, huh? Weird. Uh, nice to meet you!

1 star
Shing: Glad we could help you out. And thanks for tagging along!
Beryl: I guess I'm maybe a teeny bit happy you saved me now.

2 stars
Shing: You sure can paint, Beryl. How about you paint me next time?
Beryl: If you're extra-extra nice, I might paint your portrait.

3 stars
Shing: Let's not try-- let's do! And let's do it together!
Beryl: Slow dooown! My legs are too short for all this running!

4 stars
Shing: Who cares if she talks funny? I think she's nice!
Beryl: Maybe Kor's whole sincerity achtick isn't SO annoying.

5 stars
Shing: Seeing Beryl chase her dream makes me wanna do the same!
Beryl: Even when I'm a court painter, I'll do your picture cheap!

6 stars
Shing: Back me up, Beryl! Leave the frontline fighting to me!
Beryl: Shing doesn't do-- he tries! In style!

0 stars
Shing: She's got kind of a, uh, big personality, huh?
Ines: He's a little scrawny, but the kid's got heart.

1 star
Shing: Why can't I look her in the eyes without blushing?
Ines: So innocent. Couldn't you just gobble him up?

2 stars
Shing: Come on, Kor! You can't be some shy kid forever!
Ines: What are you looking at me like that for? Oh, you!

3 stars
Shing: I could learn a thing or two from how hard Ines fights.
Ines: What are you staring at? Oh, you greedy little devil, you!

4 stars
Shing: I'm right behind you, Ines! Let's do this! With style!
Ines: Come here and let Ines give you a nice big squish!

5 stars
Shing: I couldn't have made it this far without you, Ines!
Ines: My, how you've grown! You'll be a big boy soon!

0 stars

1 star
Shing: Y'know, I think we're starting to get along.
Kohaku: We're finally starting to get along.

2 stars
Shing: I wonder what she thinks of me.
Kohaku: I wonder what he thinks of me.

3 stars
Shing: I want to know more about Kohaku.
Kohaku: I want to know more about Shing.

4 stars
Shing: This warmth inside me it's Kohaku, huh? Wow.
Kohaku: I think I understand hom now. I can feel his thoughts.

5 stars
Shing: There's nothing me and Kohaku can't do if we do it together!
Kohaku: I just know that with Shing by my side, I can do anything!

6 stars
Shing: No one and nothing could even break the bond between us!
Kohaku: No one will ever break the bond between us!

7 stars
Shing: I won't let anybody hurt you, Kohaku, I promise!
Kohaku: if anyone ever hurt my Kor, I'd never forgive them!

0 stars
Shing: That's one serious poker face! What's he thinking in there?
Kunzite: Warning: Abnormal readings detected in juvenile lifeform.

1 stars
Shing: You think maybe he's wondering what we're having for dinner?
Kunzite: Unfamiliar activity detected in empathic circuitry.

2 stars
Shing: He feels kinda different to how he was when we first met.
Kunzite: Threat assessment: negative. Running diagnostics.

3 stars
Shing: Gah, if only he could laugh or cry, or I dunno, juggle?
Kunzite: Juvenile lifeform's emotional fluctuations do not compute.

4 stars
Shing: I wanna talk, but what do you talk about with a machine?
Kunzite: Target desires conversation. Acquiring topic.

5 stars
Shing: If I could only get him talking about something.
Kunzite: Juvenile lifeform demonstrates exceptional capabilities.

0 stars
Shing: No hard feelings, huh? Welcome aboard.
Chalcedony: Who could have imagined that we would join forces, Meteoryte?

1 star
Shing: Am I really such a rube?
Chalcedony: You know nothing of the world. But this is to be expected.

2 stars
Shing: His Soma's so pure. How do I make mine like that?
Chalcedony: I am beginning to envy your unswerving naivete.

3 stars
Shing: I'm starting to figure out how this guy thinks.
Chalcedony: It seems Shing's motives are similar to my own.

4 stars
Shing: He's fighting to protect the people he loves.
Chalcedony: Do we not both live solely to fight for those we hold dear?

5 stars
Shing: If I'm not careful, I'll wind up agreeing with this guy.
Chalcedony: Though it pains me to admit it, we are kindred spirits.

0 stars
Hisui: Help is good, but can we trust the old-timer?

Gall: This kid's green as grass- and about as useful in a fight.

1 star
Hisui: Yeah, yeah. Twenty years of hard work, blah blah blah.
Gall: He's awkward as all hell, but he might just have something.

2 stars
Hisui: Guess it might be worth hearing the old guy out.
Gall: I see something in the kid, but it needs serious work.

3 stars
Hisui: This guy's tough as old boots! Sure he's as old as he says?
Gall: Well, if nothing else, he's tough. I can work with this.

4 stars
Hisui: He's pushing us hard, but I can take it. Bring it on!
Gall: Don't walk before you can run, kid. This stuff takes time.

5 stars
Hisui: How much longer is he gonna make us do this?
Gall: I've pushed him to the limit, but he's still standing.

6 stars
Hisui: So that's what he was getting at this whole time!
Gall: That's it! You're getting it! Keep up the good work!

0 stars

1 star
Hisui: She's confident, I'll give her that. Waaay overconfident.
Beryl: I think I get him now. He's super-annoying!

2 stars
Hisui: I don't know zip about art. But I guess I could learn.
Beryl: He's rude, vulgar, ignorant, but maybe he's not all bad.

3 stars
Hisui: Aint no doubt she's got talent. Even I can see that.
Beryl: Okay, I'll paint your stupid portrait. But for you- double!

4 stars
Hisui: Her Soma's weird as they come, but she's an alright kid.
Beryl: His attitude stinks, but I guess he has a good heart.

5 stars
Hisui: She's got guts for a midget, I'll give her that.
Beryl: I think he might be starting to get me.

6 stars
Hisui: Sure is nice to spill your guts every now and then.
Beryl: Finally! He's starting to see why I'm so amazing!

0 stars
Hisui: Guess we owe you. Thanks
Ines: Welcome to Wanderlust! Be sure to work nice and hard, now!

1 star
Hisui: Gah, what a slave driver! Better keep my mouth shut.
Ines: You've got a big mouth, but that's about it! Back to work.

2 stars
Hisui: When you shut up for a second, you're not so bad, you know.
Ines: I never met anybody who was scarier quiet than noisy.

3 stars
Hisui: Imagine having Ines for a big sister. Phewee.
Ines: If you were my little brother, I'd spoil you so bad!

4 stars
Hisui: In her own weird way, she really cares, huh?
Ines: You're pushy as hell, dear, but I like to be pushed!

5 stars
Hisui: Maybe we're more alike than I thought.
Ines: I think we're starting to see eye-to-eye at last.

6 stars
Hisui: The words "don't go there" don't mean nothing to her!
Ines: Aren't we chatty all of a sudden? You sure you're okay?

0 stars
Hisui: I'm your big bro, Kohaku. I'm there for you no matter what.
Kohaku: Hisui.

1 star
Hisui: I won't let anyone take you away! Watch your back, okay?
Kohaku: Hisui, you scare me sometimes. Kor is- He's nice.

2 stars
Hisui: No matter what happens, you know you can tell me, right?
Kohaku: You worry about me too much, Hisui.

3 stars
Hisui: Overprotective? Me? You're kidding, right?
Kohaku: It's nice to know you care, but you sometimes overdo it.

4 stars
Hisui: I just worry, is all. No good worrying when it's too late.
Kohaku: You're only so annoying because you love me, I guess.

5 stars
Hisui: Lemme know if you get hurt-- I'll fix you up real good!
Kohaku: I sometimes worry Hisui might worry himself to death.

6 stars
Hisui: Don't go getting hurt on the other's account, y'hear?
Kohaku: You mustn't put yourself in danger, not even for me.

0 stars
Hisui: How long do we gotta put up with this mechanical moron?
Kunzite: Subject demonstrates excessive rudeness. Trust issues?

1 star
Hisui: There must be some way under that metal skin of his.
Kunzite: Subjects objects violently to logic. Does not compute.

2 stars
Hisui: Moron or not, he can kick butt, that's for sure.
Kunzite: Subject demonstrates advanced support capabilities.

3 stars
Hisui: I'm counting on you, pal! Uh a little, anyways.
Kunzite: Current situation necessitates use of Hisui's support skills.

4 stars
Hisui: You're starting to figure us humans out, huh, tin man?
Kunzite: Behavioral analysis reveals simple yet sound motivation.

5 stars
Hisui: We make a pretty awesome team. I got your back, tin man!
Kunzite: Deploying to frontline. Request covering fire.

6 stars
Hisui: Anybody gets in your way, just say the word and they're toast!
Kunzite: Subject's Soma demonstrates heavy destructive capability.

0 stars
Hisui: This dumb kid doesn't have a clue! Heh. Amateurs.
Chalcedony: Would it hurt to curb your oafish mouth just a little?

1 star
Hisui: He's tougher than his stupid haircut makes him look.
Chalcedony: His skills at least seem less disagreeable than his mouth,

2 stars
Hisui: I still don't like the guy, but he sure can fight.
Chalcedony: Though his skills are fair, he falls far short of my mastery.

3 stars
Hisui: You think that's all I got? I ain't even started yet!
Chalcedony: So he was concealing his true potential? Interesting.

4 stars
Hisui: Talk? Who needs talk? Real men talk with their fists!
Chalcedony: "Real men talk with their fists"? Odd fellow.

5 stars
Hisui: Don't get cocky now-- you snooze, you lose!
Chalcedony: Lapse into complacency, and I will leave you far behind!

6 stars
Hisui: Gah, watchin' you fight gets me all fired up for a scrap!
Chalcedony: This excess of hot-bloodedness must surely be unhealthy.

0 stars
Gall: Short-stuff's got a real mouth on her, huh?
Beryl: Hey! Don't call me short-stuff, grandpappy!

1 star
Gall: Should've eaten your greens, kid. You'd be as tall as me!
Beryl: I'm still growing! I'll be tall as a house soon, you'll see!

2 stars
Gall: Guess she's just at that difficult age, huh.
Beryl: "That difficult age"!? The nerve! At least I'm under 100!

3 stars
Gall: Ever heard of a little thing called tact? Pf, never mind.
Beryl: Watch it, or you'll upset my delicate feminine sensibles!

4 stars
Gall: Hey, I didn't mean anything by it. Sorry, kiddo
Beryl: Since you've been a good boy and said sorry, I forgive you!

5 stars
Gall: What you see is definitely not what you get with this one.
Beryl: He may be a stupid, ignorant old man, but he's not bad.

0 stars
Gall: She's got heart for sure, but what's going on underneath?
Ines: Is he wild at heart or bad to the bone? I can't decide.

1 star
Gall: You don't get that tough from delivering groceries.
Ines: What's his story? He never talks about himself.

2 stars
Gall: I need to sit this gal down for a drink and a long talk.
Ines: Maybe I'll get it out of him over a drink someday.

3 stars
Gall: I like this lady's style. I wanna know more about her.
Ines: That was fun! You, me, another drink-- soon!

4 stars
Gall: Can't help feeling I'm still not seeing the real Ines.
Ines: Should I tell all? If I do, that's my mystique blown.

5 stars
Gall: Some loads can't be carried alone, kid. You can tell me.
Ines: Aww, Gall can be a real sweetie when he wants to.

0 stars
Gall: Despir, huh? We'll soon have you smiling again, little lady.
Kohaku: He's so old.

1 star
Gall: You're a slip of a thing, huh? Careful out there, ok?
Kohaku: Should he be running around like that at his age?

2 stars
Gall: There ain't much of you,but you kick harder than a mule!
Kohaku: He was nice about my kicks!

3 stars
Gall: I almost want you to kick me, just so I know how it feels!
Kohaku: Should I really kick him? I can't tell if he's kidding.

4 stars
Gall: Oof. That's some kick. Sure sign of a rock-solid Spiria!
Kohaku: Why does he look so happy? I just kicked him.

5 stars
Gall: Eyes front, quiiick march! I'm right behind you, little lady!
Kohaku: I feel safer knowing he's looking out for me.

0 stars
Gall: We can't trust this mechanoid until we know more about him.
Kunzite: Subject: Gall. Age: 40+. Soma: Axe/Machete combination.

1 star
Gall: What does this thing even eat?
Kunzite: Scrutiny detected. Subject of scrutiny: self.

2 stars
Gall: You think he drinks? Maybe I'll offer him one someday.
Kunzite: Offer of beverage consumption received. Processing.

3 stars
Gall: One conversation with this guy is like a year of school! Heh!
Kunzite: Topics raised by subject Gall not present in database.

4 stars
Gall: Rational thought's fine and all, but Spiria's what counts!
Kunzite: Rational thought is essential for efficient operation.

5 stars
Gall: How did they teach you to want to protect people?
Kunzite: Query does not compute. Please reiterate.

0 stars
Gall: Good to have you along, Wings!
Chalcedony: He appears stout and true, yet distant somehow. 

1 stars
Gall: You don't see a Soma like that every day.
Chalcedony: I have heard tell of his Soma mastery. Are the tales true?

2 stars
Gall: This whole wings thing seems a little unfair, no?
Chalcedony: We must speak someday of strategy, old man.

3 stars
Gall: You Crystal Knights sure know how to fight with style.
Chalcedony: I would relish a chance to pit my skills against his.

4 stars
Gall: A kid your age shouldn't be frowning like that.
Chalcedony: Must he insist on dispensing such empty platitudes?

5 stars
Gall: You need to learn to take life a little easier, Wings!
Chalcedony: I resent his intrusions, and yet I crave them also.

0 stars
Beryl: What kind of tyrant takes a person's Soma as collateral!?
Ines: Looks like I bagged me a real cutie! Welcome to Wanderlust!

1 star
Beryl: Ines has gald on the brain! Low-down, money-grabbing.
Ines: Something tells me she's got the wrong idea about me.

2 stars
Beryl: Malicious, swinding merchant! How could she? I'm so cute!
Ines: Wait, did she just call me a- No, she wouldn't.

3 stars
Beryl: Stop looking at me like that, Ines! You're scaring me!
Ines: That voodoo doll I used on her was real effective. Hm hm hm!

4 stars
Beryl: Using dolls to put curses on people. Ines is despicable!
Ines: Did I overdo it? Better get her a cake to say sorry.

5 stars
Beryl: It'll take more than a yummy cake to win me round!
Ines: Well she didn't look happy about it, but she took it.

0 stars
Beryl: Well, she doesn't seem like a complete idiot.
Kohaku: A girl in a strange hat.

1 star
Beryl: I'd like it if we could become friends, but maybe she-
Kohaku: I can't figure out if Beryl hates me or not.

2 stars
Beryl: I wonder what Kohaku thinks of me?
Kohaku: I wish Beryl wanted to know more about me.

3 stars
Beryl: She's kinda weird, but I kinda like her.
Kohaku: If she'd only open up, I'm sure we could be friends.

4 stars
Beryl: Kohaku said we should talk more. But what do we talk about?
Kohaku: That's it, I'm just going to grab her and start talking!

5 stars
Beryl: I'd never have guessed it, but Kohaku sure loves to talk.
Kohaku: Beryl's so much fun! Why didn't we chat sooner?

0 stars
Beryl: Are all mechaloids like you, or are some of you fun?
Kunzite: Subject's Soma and speech patterns unconventional.

1 star
Beryl: Hmm. You do have some great flowing lines. Yeah.
Kunzite: Surveillance detected. Under observation from subject.

2 stars
Beryl: Could you paint two pictures at once with those arms?
Kunzite: My limbs are not programmed for artistic activities.

3 stars
Beryl: That thing on your head is beautiful. I want it!
Kunzite: Threat detected. Retracting helmet adornments.

4 stars
Beryl: Kunzite, you're my muse! You make me wanna paint aaall day!
Kunzite: Unique quality not present in self detected.

5 stars
Beryl: Hee hee! We unique individuals need to stick together!
Kunzite: Subject presents atypical behavior for juvenile female.

6 stars
Beryl: If you get his sense of humor, Kunzite can be pretty funny!
Kunzite: Subject's abnormal behavior masks deep conviction.

0 stars
Beryl: He doesn't exactly ooze sunshine, huh?
Chalcedony: Who would allow a mere child on such a perilous journey.

1 star
Beryl: We're making progress I guess, but he's sooo uptight.
Chalcedony: Does she deliberately hide her true age? But why?

2 stars
Beryl: Ngah, he's so stiff, it makes me want to scream! Ahhh!
Chalcedony: her flagrant abuse of the laws of language is regrettable.

3 stars
Beryl: H-He knows the royal family!? Maybe he's not so bad.
Chalcedony: So she dreams of employment as a court painter? Admirable.

4 stars
Beryl: Hey, you wanna model for me? I'll make you look heroiffic!
Chalcedony: Perhaps we will meet in the halls of the palace one day.

5 stars
Beryl: If you have a dream, you gotta get out there and grab it!
Chalcedony: Her power is considerable. She need not rely on others.

0 stars
Ines: Why don't you tell me a little about yourself? I'm all ears.
Kohaku: She seems nice. I think we can trust her.

1 star
Ines: Your skin, wow. You sure know how to make a girl jealous!
Kohaku: Her skin is beautiful. She's so tall and pretty, and-

2 stars
Ines: I'm sure I was as young as you once. Wasn't I?
Kohaku: She's so womanly. I hope I grow up to be like her.

3 stars
Ines: Wish I had the guts to show as much leg as you do, dear.
Kohaku: And the way she dresses. It takes guts to be that sexy.

4 stars
Ines: You sure love miso, huh? Maybe a little too much.
Kohaku: Ines eats sooo much! I'm going to try it and see what happens!

5 stars
Ines: So, eating all that miso. Doesn't it, uh, never mind.
Kohaku: She can eat all she likes and not care! I'm so jealous!

0 stars
Ines: If the Minerans made you, that makes you a real antique.
Kunzite: Formidable opponent detected. Do not underestimate.

1 star
Ines: To the right buyer, you'd be worth- Ha! Kidding! Ahem.
Kunzite: Atmosphere uncertain. Activating alert mode.

2 stars
Ines: Better stop with the selling stuff before he gets riled.
Kunzite: Alert mode deactivated. Threat from subject Ines diminished.

3 stars
Ines: What kind of power is he hiding under that metal hide?
Kunzite: Protocol does not require me to divulge personal data.

4 stars
Ines: I bet those extra arms come in real handy sometimes.
Kunzite: Indeed. Ancillary limbs offer significant combat advantages.

5 stars
Ines: He'd be a great courier, and a great fake-spotter too, I bet!
Kunzite: Scanning. Gauging subject's year of manufacture.

0 stars
Ines: Butter up a Knight, and the gald will surely follow!
Chalcedony: I have met many merchants, but none quite like this.

1 stars
Ines: You need to loosen up, hun! C'mon, it's not so hard!
Chalcedony: She and Empress Paraiba could not be more different.

2 stars
Ines: If you don't give yourself a break, you'll break down!
Chalcedony: And she is undisciplined to say the least.

3 stars
Ines: Maybe you're not just some uptight rich kid after all.
Chalcedony: Perhaps she is more than a common lowlife after all.

4 stars
Ines: Is that what they teach you at Crystal Knight school? Not bad.
Chalcedony: This fine warrior is wasted on the couriering trade.

5 stars
Ines: Having a sweetheart to fight for makes it all worthwhile.
Chalcedony: Were we to make a knight of her, she would surely shine.

0 stars
Kohaku: He seems sad.
Kunzite: "Kohaku." Recording vessel name into database.

1 star
Kohaku: What are you thinking?
Kunzite: For your safety, please remain behind me at all times.

2 stars
Kohaku: Do you think Kunzite likes miso? I hope so.
Kunzite: Unknown scent detected. Not toxic, but strange.

3 stars
Kohaku: I wonder if all those arms of his ever get tangled up.
Kunzite: Interest in limbs detected. Presenting for inspection.

4 stars
Kohaku: Did he open his arms up like that so I could look at them?
Kunzite: Registering subject Kohaku's interest in ancillary limbs.

5 stars
Kohaku: I don't think Kunzite knows how kind he really is.
Kunzite: I am programmed to defend. My orders must be executed.

6 stars
Kohaku: I want to try and have a normal conversation with him.
Kunzite: Purpose of discussion unclear. Engaging regardless.

0 stars
Kohaku: Do you hate Kor?
Chalcedony: So this is she. Then I must cooperate. For now.

1 star
Kohaku: I get scared when he looks at me.
Chalcedony: Hm? It seems my gaze makes the maiden uneasy.

2 stars
Kohaku: Is he staring at my legs?
Chalcedony: Though she appears dainty, her legs are flailing clubs!

3 stars
Kohaku: Chalcedony isn't a deviant too, is he?
Chalcedony: I must avert my gaze. To look upon a lady's legs is uncouth!

4 stars
Kohaku: He IS looking at my legs! I'm going to ask him about it.
Chalcedony: Kohaku's kicks are fine indeed. I must learn their secret.

5 stars
Kohaku: If he wanted to know about my kicks, he just had to ask.
Chalcedony: So the secret lies in imbuing a kick with all one's heart.

0 stars
Kunzite: Subject Chalcedony's Soma exhibits unusual properties.
Chalcedony: The Minerans were capable of great feats of craft indeed.

1 star
Kunzite: Subject exhibiting concern. Suppressing facial movement.
Chalcedony: Do I detect a hint of unease in his impenetrable visage.

2 stars
Kunzite: Subject exhibiting reluctance to approach. Cause unknown.
Chalcedony: How does one approach such a being? How to gain his trust?

3 stars
Kunzite: Subject appears to wish to initiate conversation.
Chalcedony: Hesitance ill befits a knight. I must speak with him now.

4 stars
Kunzite: Conversation meaningful. Useful data gathered.
Chalcedony: His logical insight is as deep as it is flawless.

5 stars
Kunzite: Soma skills considerable. Will observe and gather data.
Chalcedony: Such a skilled companion is a boon indeed.

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I need to get rid of some stuff since we're moving again SO... All the stuff is listed below with pictures and prices.
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I discovered this while looking around in photoshop for a filter I loved in Paint Shop Pro. I didn't find it, but I found something else that somewhat similar!!! Before and After; I used an adjustment filter called Replace Color!!

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I'm too lazy to make it fancy you will have to deal with it. I'm giving out these fuckers.

You have several things you can give as sacrifices to the Caitiebeast;
1. A REALLY CORNY HALLOWEEN THEMED JOKE (example shown above).
2. A picture of a ossan in a halloween costume.
3. A picture of your favorite ghost pokemon.
4. Or just a regular trade!!!

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The last one got so long it freezes the browser when I try to edit so!!

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